School Services
School Services

As an Environmental Consultancy and Education Provider, Eco Educate is passionate about supporting more schools to be aligned with best practices for Environmental Management and Education for Sustainability (EfS) within the curriculum.

We believe in the power of quality education to drive local and global change in our world and our mission is to support more educators, students and communities on this journey. If you’d like to know more about our programs get in touch with our friendly team of experts who are happy to discuss the needs of your school or institution!

Educational Programs

Eco Educate has designed a plethora of quality educational programs and resources that help bring sustainability to life in the primary and secondary school setting. Check out the opportunities below and get in touch for more information!

Eco Club Essentials Program

Looking for structured support for your Eco Club?

The Eco Club Essentials program isn’t just another resource – it’s a catalyst for change! Suitable for both primary and secondary schools, this comprehensive toolkit equips eco clubs with:

  • 10 Student Workbooks, promoting hands-on learning and critical thinking.
  • 1 Teacher Handbook, that seamlessly integrates interactive activities, innovative lesson.


The program supports your school environmental club to build intentionality and have a consistent, impactful presence across the whole school community.

  • Supports students as environmental leaders and challenges them to step up in their school to further sustainability education and action!
  • Takes a holistic, global approach to areas of sustainability, including topics of: food, water, waste, energy, procurement, environment, & community.
  • Provides the environmental club with a ‘year book’ to record all initiatives, learnings and teaching over their year and keep account of the school’s progress for future years.


School Environmental
Management Plan

The School Environmental Management Plan (SEMP) is a comprehensive strategy that delivers on your school’s intentions in environmental education and management. The goal of the SEMP is to apply principles of ecologically sustainable development and align Australian curriculum outcomes to all current and future school activities.

Our experienced consultants work with schools to establish and record their intentional environmental vision and action plan to collate all initiatives into an organized and intentional publication that can be easily shared across the school network.

Professional Learning
& Development
Attending an Eco Education Sustainability Summit can offer a range of benefits that can positively impact both individuals and organizations committed to sustainability. Here are some key advantages:

Knowledge Exchange: Networking at a sustainability summit allows you to learn from experts, share insights, and stay informed about the latest developments in sustainable practices and solutions.

Partnerships and Collaborations: Connecting with like-minded individuals and organizations can lead to valuable partnerships and collaborations that amplify the impact of your sustainability efforts.

Access to Resources: Through networking, you can discover funding opportunities, access resources, and gain support for your sustainability initiatives.

Inspiration and Motivation: Interacting with passionate professionals can inspire you, provide fresh perspectives, and reinvigorate your commitment to sustainability.

Increased Visibility: Networking enables you to showcase your sustainability initiatives, enhance your brand’s reputation, and attract potential customers or clients who value responsible practices.

In summary, networking at an Eco Educate Sustainability Summit offers a chance to learn, collaborate, access resources, find opportunities, gain inspiration, enhance visibility, and contribute to policy discussions. It’s a valuable platform for individuals and organizations to make meaningful connections that drive positive change towards a more sustainable future.

“Eco Educate has sparked a new energy in our school with simple initiatives making a big impact, specifically Deposits for Change which has been taken on with great enthusiasm by the whole Junior School!”
– Claire Reynish, Junior School Co-Ordinator, Somerville House