School Offerings
School Offerings

Annual School Membership
Introducing the most innovative environmental program in schools!

The Eco Educate Annual School Membership is a 6-year sequential program available to primary and secondary schools looking to develop their sustainability commitment and practice in environmental excellence.

​This is a program designed by teachers for teachers – as such it is strongly aligned with the academic calendar and the Australian Curriculum. It is intentionally labour-light for teachers and student-centered, full of engaging lesson plans and leaning experiences.

The program connects your school community with industry partners who are leading the way in sustainable practice to deliver engaging, innovative and real-world educational resources.

Social Impact Measuring
Measuring incremental change in the right direction

Environmental initiatives in a school too often become patterns of spot-fire activity when they rest with sole teachers or student groups. We know how hard it is to keep these initiative alight and to implement lasting behavioural change school-wide. The Annual School Membership is designed to build and grow with your schools’ environmental strategy by developing the skills, knowledge and character of all staff and students in a measurable and truly sustainable way.

The Annual School Membership has built in social impact measurement capabilities that allows schools to track the uptake of Climate Literacy and Sustainable Practice as a result of the program.

Further Offerings
Building environmental stewardship in your school

Eco Educate can also support your school through our facilitator-led offerings. Across these programs our goal is to empower staff and students with the information, practices and mindset they need to step up as leaders in a changing world. Programs can be tailored to suit the age of students, group size (up to 500), and to further existing school initiatives. Please get in touch for more information about Eco Educate’s:

  • Presentation Incursions
  • Climate Ready Workshops
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Grounds Staff Professional Development