Eco Educate is proud to support businesses to meet Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets through investing in Climate Literacy and Sustainable Practice education in Australian schools.

Eco Educate is connected with over 400 schools nation-wide and growing. We help to connect you with your community and invest in the environmental education of our kids – our future leaders.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Eco Educate measures the social impact of our education programs in schools to show you exactly how your business is creating change in your community.

The Eco Educate CSR program also helps your organisation deliver on the Unites Nations 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals!

Education & Auditing in the workplace
Eco Educate is proud to work with corporates to lift the standard of Climate Literacy and Sustainable Practice through our education and auditing services in the workplace. Ask us how we can support your business’ environmental strategy through:

  • Professional Development sessions
  • Environmental Impact Reporting
  • Sustainability Workshops
  • Key Note speakers
  • Sustainability Audits