School Environmental Management Plan (SEMP)
What is a SEMP?
A SEMP is a comprehensive strategy that delivers on your school’s intentions in environmental education and management. The goal of a SEMP is to apply principles of ecologically sustainable development across all current and future school activities.

Eco Educate aims to support more Australian primary and secondary schools to meet this criteria through our SEMP program offering. Our program guides schools through the design and delivery of their SEMP, offers all learning resources to engage every year level, and helps to address a number of areas, such as:

  • Principal’s Statement
  • School Vision Statement
  • Whole school environmental education strategy
  • Goals of the school Environmental Committee
  • …and much more

Eco Educate’s SEMP program has a unique focus on placing students at the heart of environmental impact in their school. We believe in lifting the standards of Climate Literacy and Sustainable Practice to build the skillset of tomorrow’s leaders as custodians of their school and planet. To do this, we connect schools with the right industry leaders in sustainability, and the best curriculum-aligned, challenge-based learning resources for each year level! Read more about the program features below.
Education & Year Level Challenges
Resources within Eco Educate’s SEMP program are designed to challenge students in systems thinking and innovative, interdisciplinary approaches to climate action within their school.

All education in the program is aligned with the Australian Curriculum – capabilities, competencies, & cross-curriculum priorities (Sustainability & Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures).

‘Basic environmental literacy should be part of everyone’s formal education’
As part of the SEMP program, Eco Educate provides challengebased learning to all year levels across five topic areas – food, water, waste, energy and culture – for a holistic approach to environmental exploration. Challenges in the program introduce relevant industry organisations that provide real-world application and context for the education. Scroll down to explore some of the challenges and industry partners within the program!
Our Program
The SEMP program and platform has all related resources sitting in one place and ready to use – it is designed as a D.I.Y whole school environmental program! Schools have ongoing access to these resources and the online platform managed on an annual commitment basis.
Extra Support & Facilitation
In addition to this, we know many schools benefit from extra support and facilitation. Though our Staff PD, Incursion and Workshop offerings, Eco Educate can come in to your school to build a strong foundation for the program so that it is sustainable and achievable for staff and students.

We are committed to helping your school implement the meaningful environmental education provided in this program. Please check out the support services outlined below.

More Information
Get in touch with our team today to learn more about this program and hear how Eco Educate can support your school’s SEMP this year!