About Eco Educate
Eco Educate was founded in 2018 with a single mission: to raise the standards of Climate Literacy and Sustainable Practice and give our young people the best chance at a bright future!

Coming from 15 years in the education sector, Eco Educate was born out of a growing demand for quality environmental education in schools and workplaces. Today we are proud to work with a community of pioneering schools and organizations who are committed to together lifting the standards of Climate Literacy and Sustainable Practice. Read below to learn about the core values Eco Educate holds in all of our offerings.

Quality Education – a quality 21st century education is equal parts investing in the growth of students knowledge, skills and character. A quality education engages a plethora of diverse learning experiences and connects staff and students to the real-world application of teachings.

The Ripple Effect – we believe that small changes made by many people equals big impact. Many people doing even their best for the planet makes big waves of change. For youth, change starts in their own lives, then spreads to the lives of their families & friends, their schools, swelling their communities, and beyond…

Less is more – the best environmental program in schools is the one that is manageable and sustainable for the staff, students and families. It’s the one they stick to year after year!

Empowering youth – An Eco Education is how we empower students with the knowledge and skills they need to actually be the change they wish to see in the world.

Why reinventing the wheel? – we believe in showcasing the ongoing efforts of pioneering organizations who are already leading the way in a sustainable future. There are amazing people and groups out there making change for the better every day… so why would we reinvent the wheel! Instead, Eco Educate gives industry leaders a platform to really shine in schools and be part of a quality, real-world education in schools and workplaces.

Collaboration over competition – we believe in bringing industry leaders together as a way to be stronger and have bigger impact.

Global impact – we support students in becoming Global Citizens who think globally and act locally! We align with and contribute to furthering the UN Sustainable Development Goals (specifically – 3. Quality Education, 13. Climate Action & 17. Partnerships for the Goals).