About Eco Educate

Eco Educate is a consultancy focused on educating on sustainable operations, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) for schools and businesses in Australia.

Eco Educate was founded in 2018 with a single mission: to raise the standards of Climate Literacy and Sustainable Practice and give our young people the best chance at a bright future!

Coming from 15 years in the education sector, Eco Educate was born out of a growing demand for quality environmental education in schools and workplaces. Today we are proud to work with a community of pioneering schools and organizations who are committed to together lifting the standards of Climate Literacy and Sustainable Practice.

Read below to learn about the core values Eco Educate holds in all of our offerings.

Quality Education: Our 21st-century education goes beyond the classroom, nurturing knowledge, skills, and character. We emphasise real-world applications to promote diverse learning experiences.

Act Locally, Think Globally: Through education and empowerment at the local level, including schools, businesses, and communities, we believe in the collective power of individuals to make small changes that lead to significant impacts. Step by step, we support you on your sustainability journey.

Collaboration and Global Impact: Our goal is to cultivate partnerships with global citizens who think globally and act locally. By aligning our efforts with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially Quality Education, Climate Action, and Partnerships for the Goals, we aim to make a meaningful global impact.

Our ESG Consultancy Support Partners
We partner with Character Builders and Our Yarn to offer additional support for your ESG journey.

Founded by Damon Joseph in 2007, Character Builders have been integral in developing the leaders of tomorrow through their outside the square leadership development programs.

A Collaboration that started between two young Brisbane based First Nations artists, Ngalin Ayeye/ Our Yarn (Nah-lin Ah yeya) in 2019 is an initiative to help people understand the deep connection First Nations’ people have with art and the importance of culture and lore.

All programs on offer aim to provide exceptional support and quality service from start to finish, underpinned by the rights of all to:

  • Be treated with fairness, respect and dignity
  • Live, work, learn and play in a safe, supportive, inclusive environment
  • Embrace practical improvement over perfection