Eco Educate is an environmental education consultancy committed to lifting the
standards of Climate Literacy and Sustainable Practice across Australia.
School Programs & Offerings
Eco Educate works with primary and secondary schools across the country to deliver a quality, curriculum-aligned education that is focused on empowering staff and students as environmental leaders. We work with schools to strengthen their environmental strategy by facilitating incursions, excursions, presentations, camps, and - our flagship offering - the Eco Educate School Membership.
Industry Partners
We are excited to be collaborating with a number of industry leaders who are pioneering in areas of waste, water, energy, food and Indigenous understandings. We know that an important part of preparing students for their life after school is connecting them with real-world technologies and industries. For industry, this is a meaningful and measured way to build an ongoing relationship with your community and showcase your expertise in sustainability.
Corporate Opportunities
Eco Educate provides opportunities to corporates who are looking to develop their business through meaningful and innovative CSR programs. We enable corporates to invest in their community and their future through quality environmental education. Our school programs are designed to help in future-proofing industry and strengthening sustainability commitment.

Children across Australia are demanding change, understanding that the dynamic of decision-making is shifting, and it is people power that will build our sustainable future. Eco Educate embraces this thinking through their development of a comprehensive commitment to a sustainable future. Beyond a program, Eco Educate has produced a unique opportunity to support schools to develop informed global citizens through building strong authentic connections across both primary and secondary school in combination with sought after connections with industry partners and key community organisations.

The company’s ethically driven approach demonstrates their commitment to a positive impact in communities across Australia. With children placed as our current and future custodians, Eco Educate empowers them to positively impact their school, their communities and their futures.

Christie Goeldner

Educator - Graceville State School

For years we have been working towards building better sustainable practice in our school. It has been a slow process and some things have worked and some have not and we were always brainstorming about how to make more progress. When we had the opportunity to work with Eco Educate we jumped at the chance as we hoped they would help improve and refine our processes, ideas and initiatives by taking them to the next level with a clearer direction. This is exactly what they have done and well above our expectation. Eco Educate has sparked a new energy in our school with simple initiatives making a big impact, specifically Deposits for Change which has been taken on with great enthusiasm by the whole Junior School. With their endless support, it has given the teachers involved confidence for implementation as well as easy access to resources.

The most exciting part is the curriculum aligned units for each year level. Embedding these practices is one of our main goals and Eco Educate is the perfect partnership for this to happen. Katie has been our main contact and has been a wealth of knowledge who is thorough and helpful in all areas. We are thrilled with our progress and can’t wait to see what more we can achieve through using Eco Educate. Bring on 2021!

Claire Reynish

Educator - Somerville House
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