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By now most of us have seen David Attenborough’s 2020 documentary – A Life On Our Planet. This awe-inspiring witness statement joins a growing archive of environmental ‘calls to action’ that are helping us to better grasp our planet’s story. 

This story tells us that right now we are living in a pivotal moment in history where the seemingly small choices we make everyday across the globe are shaping our future – either for the worse or the better, we get to decide. 

A helpful way to frame this might be to suggest that our future is not somewhere we are going, but rather something we are creating everyday. 

So how do we create the best future possible? Here at Eco Educate, we believe it’s all about empowering people through education. Researchers estimate that a human makes as many as 35 000 decisions in a day – which is 35 000 opportunities for us to create, shape and mold the future of this beautiful planet we call home. At Eco Educate, our goal is simply to work to make sure those 35,000 decisions are informed, intentional, and in consideration of our impact on the environment. Education is at the heart of what we do, because, simply put – if we know more, we can do more. 

What we have set out to do is to empower our youth with the skills and knowledge they need to make changes in their lives, their families, their schools, their communities and across the world. We believe that positive change is a ripple effect – where many people making small changes is equal to big impact. From this ideology, Eco Educate has pioneered the most innovative environmental program in schools: The Eco Educate School Membership. And we can’t wait to invite you along on the journey!

Who are we?

Eco Educate was born in 2018 from a rising need for a structured and sustainable environmental education in schools. 

Eco Educate is the younger sibling of Character Builders, a consultancy that has grown in strength over 15 years through working closely with schools supporting them in leadership and pastoral care. In the fallout of the ‘Strike for Climate’ movement, many schools, staff and students were hit hard by the added stress and anxiety of climate change. During this time we listened to our partnering students and teachers. The need for Eco Educate in schools was paramount. 

We noticed the school environment starting to change. Student’s stories started to speak of eco-anxiety, frustration and deep worry for our planet. Staff spoke of concern for their students, and burnout from ongoing environmental initiatives that were extremely hard or time-consuming to keep alive in the school in a sustainable way. 

We saw great potential for a school-based environmental program that was structured, manageable and measured for schools, and we asked ourselves – if not us… then who? 

This is how we came to build Eco Educate, and our flagship offering – The Eco Educate School Membership. 

In a nutshell?

The Eco Educate Annual School Membership is a 6-year sequential education program available to primary and secondary schools who are looking to develop their environmental commitment. It is designed to grow and last with schools as they develop their commitment to quality environmental education and action!

This structured environmental program aims to drive impact through lifting the standards of Climate Literacy and Sustainable Practice in staff and students across Australia. It is fully curriculum aligned, labour light for teachers, and works to further the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

The program measures social impact as a result of the education we provide and this tool allows schools to stay engaged with their staff and students’ uptake in Climate Literacy and Sustainable Practice. 

Who’s involved?

The program showcases the incredible work of a number of industry experts in the field of sustainability. In order to produce a real-world education and to keep schools connected with innovative technology and infrastructure, we have intentionally partnered with a wide remit of industry who are paving the way towards a more sustainable future across all areas of food, water, waste, energy & indigenous understandings!

Some of the industry leaders featured in our program are: TOMRA, TerraCycle, Replas, Green Options, & Subpod. These industry partners contribute to the School Membership in a number of ways: 

  • Inspiring, real-world applications for educational content, learning experiences & case studies
  • Access to exclusive deals and packages for schools, staff and students
  • Access to exciting real-world challenges, technologies and resources 

Eco Educate is so excited to work alongside the following partners to richen our program and allow for a holistic education in sustainability across a number of areas. 

What sort of content is covered?

Our goal is to support schools as institutions practicing environmental excellence in their education and infrastructure. The membership contains 5 focus areas that help to develop a holistic understanding of sustainability in our modern world – Waste, Energy, Food, Water and Indigenous Understandings.

How is it delivered?

The program is hosted and managed from one simple, safe and user-friendly online platform that stores all of the necessary resources, lesson plans and learning experiences needed to complete the learnings. While the program certainly makes the most of a 21st century technology, we’ve complemented online resources with very tangible learning experiences that get the students up out of their seats and creating change in their schools and communities. 

The Eco Educate School Membership is a program designed for teachers – by teachers. We have valued greatly from the input and feedback of our school network in helping to make the program manageable and sustainable for school management to deliver. The program is strongly aligned with the academic calendar and the Australian Curriculum Competencies and Cross-Curriculum Priorities – it is intentionally labour-light for teachers and student-centered. 

Integrating this program into your school is also fully supported through the inclusion of staff professional development and training. We also have a teacher networking platform that allows the inter-school collaboration and the sharing of tips and strategies. 


Getting involved

We can’t wait to pioneer with you in lifting the standards of climate literacy and sustainable practice!

Schools wishing to register for 2021 can do so HERE

Schools seeking further details and information on the program can reach out to us via email or call us on 1300 868 161

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