TerraCycle comes to Eco Educate schools in 2021!

Recycling can often be confusing. It can be hard to understand why certain items can’t be recycled through kerbside recycling schemes or how these schemes differ across the country. Because of this, education plays an important role in engaging our community in these recycling programs and diverting as much waste as possible from landfills.

At TerraCycle our goal is to eliminate the idea of waste by partnering with brands to create recycling solutions for waste that would otherwise end up in landfills. We do this through a range of free recycling programs where individuals, businesses and schools can collect up their hard to recycle waste and send it to us for free to be given a new life, being turned into products like benches, garden beds or even playgrounds.

Schools have always been an integral part of our community and have historically been some of our best recyclers. Through the incredible work of teachers, SSOs and members of the school community, schools across Australia have been able to engage in our recycling programs and teach students about recycling while diverting thousands of kilos of waste from landfill.

The Colgate Community Garden Challenge is the perfect example of this with 230 schools collecting 76,542 pieces of oral care waste in 2020.
Through partnering with Eco Educate we will take this a step further by engaging more schools and incorporating a deeper level of education about waste, recycling and the impact on the environment.

We also want to bring our recycling program to schools in a way that is as simple as possible for the school to implement and maintain, promoting long term engagement with the programs. This will then cement good recycling habits in students so they can leave school with a firm understanding of how recycling can play a role in reducing their environmental footprint.

The Eco Educates ideology of empowering youth is a key reason why we have chosen to partner with them. We know that children can become some of the most effective environmental champions in our community. Their enthusiasm, willingness to learn and commitment to making changes for sustainability can ripple throughout their school, family and community making a significant impact for good.

We can’t wait to bring our recycling programs to even more schools by partnering with Eco Educate!

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