School Staff PD & Team Building
Staff PD & Team Building
Eco Educate supports school staff to build their Climate Literacy and Sustainable Practice through our Staff Professional Development and Practical Team Building Sessions.

Our team has the capacity to tailor offerings to meet the needs of your school and coordinate dates to fit into your academic schedule.

Professional Development Workshops
Educating for Climate Action
Suitable for school leadership, Principals & Sustainability Officers Full day workshop
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School leaders will discover how to integrate meaningful climate themes into their whole school strategy as a way to reduce their Ecological Footprint and educate staff and students to act for their planet.

  • Foster a culture of Global Citizenship in your school community.
  • Develop strategies to build student empowerment and lift the standards
  • of Climate Literacy and Sustainable Practice. Develop strategies to navigate ‘Eco-Anxiety’ and feelings of helplessness in students through challenged-based learning.
  • Build your school’s Sustainability Vision Statement.
  • Learn how to design and execute a whole school Environmental Management Plan across food, water, waste, energy, and culture.
School Environmental Management Plan (SEMP) – Getting Started!
Suitable for all school staff & leadership 2 hour or full day workshop
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Bring your school staff together for the cause that truly deserves a united approach – our environment. We work with your staff in:

  • Reviewing the school’s current priorities
  • Determining which environmental issues your SEMP will address
  • Designing action plans to address these issues across the five focus areas: curriculum, teaching and learning, resource management, school grounds, whole-school planning and school community participation
  • Developing a monitoring and evaluation strategy to track progress
Replacing ‘Eco Anxiety’ with Hope and Innovation
Suitable for school leadership, Principals and Sustainability Officers 2 hour or full day workshop
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Eco Educate and partners provide a wonderful insight towards what schools and communities can do in relation to rewilding and caring for a better planet. Principals will be exposed to innovative technologies and short stories that help to contribute towards real change in schools and communities. Examples Include: TOMRA container recycling, Subpod composting, ocean protect filtration technology, solar buddy tackling energy poverty and more). Different industry partners help share their company Eco Narrative and mission to help empower principals with the knowledge needed to tackle sustainability and climate change
Professional Development Workshops
Rewilding the Miyawaki Way: A practical team activity in Biodiversity
Suitable for all school staff 2 hour or full day workshop
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Miyawaki is an afforestation technique that uses native species to create dense, multilayered forests. Central themes in creating these forests are its use of indigenous species for plantations and its ability to attract an abundance of life. This is a fun exercise that encourages school staff to take an active role in creating biodiversity and peaceful places in their schools.
Greener School Spaces
Suitable for all school maintenance and education staff 2 hour or full day workshop
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We work with principals and school staff to create greener spaces back at school which hope to enhance the school environment in the following ways:

  • Carbon offsetting through propagation and growth
  • Healthy and environment friendly teaching and learning spaces
  • Educating the need to live amongst and with nature more regularly